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Red Flags – Murder of Women in Denmark











There are 536 reasons for this work! That is the number of women killed in Denmark in the period 1992 - 2016.

The title of the work is: Red Flags – Murder of Women in Denmark 🚩 and will premiere in the local power center of Aarhus at the City Hall on 1st March 2024 at 7:00 pm. Duration 45 minutes. The work is co-produced by Kunsthal Aarhus


Red Flags - Murder of Woman in Danmark is in part based on journalist Line Vaaben and forensic pathologist, ph.d. Asser Hedegård Thomsen's book "En forudselig forbrydelse - kvindedrab i Danmark " published by Forlaget 28B. 


The 7 sculptures that are part of the performance are designed as 3 meter high flags and created at the Statens Værksteder for Kunst December/January 2023-2024. The sculptures will subsequently be exhibited at Kunsthal Aarhus in Gallery 1 over the summer of 2024.


“To be completely honest, I was not aware that the killing of women in Denmark is so extensive, or that violence against women is so widespread. It has been both shocking and enlightening to become familiar with new research and knowledge of the subject. I've had to pause my research several times during 2023 because it fundamentally affected me to recognize that men kill and commit violence against women - because they are women”,

Artistic Director/ Artist Nønne Mai Svalholm  💔


You can follow Nønne Mai Svalholm and the entire artistic team in the process of creating the work on our new profile @seeredflags or on @svalholm. We hope you will follow us and share it with your friends. Thank you ❤️


We have allied ourselves with the organization Danner, Line Vaaben, a journalist at Politiken and author, and forensic pathologist Asser Hedegård Thomsen's new research in the field to ensure that the subject is treated with respect and with verified information.


Forensic pathologist Asser Hedegård Thomsen has in his PhD thesis "Homicide in Denmark 1992-2016" from 2020 uncovered all murders in the period 1992-2016 in Denmark. He concludes that over half (56 percent) of the women killed (298 women) in the period were killed by their partner or former partner.


For the female victims, the perpetrator's motive was predominantly jealousy and/or divorce. In general, partner murder accounts for 26.7 percent of all homicides in the period, which makes it the single largest type of homicide in Denmark.


Sources via link in bio here: @seeredflags @svalholm


Artistic Director/ Artist

Nønne Mai Svalholm @seeredflags @svalholm


Dancers/ co-creators

Aline Sánchez Rodríguez (has no instagram)

Ar Utke Ács @woundedgutfeeling

Thjerza Balaj @thjerzathjerzathjerza


SVALHOLM's 60+ dancers

Sisse Lunøe @sisselunnoe

Marian Kudahl (has no instagram)

Birgitte Müller Larsen @larsenbirgittemuller

Jette Rohde @rohdejette

Jette Brix (has no instagram)

Bodil Vind @bodilvind


Idea & concept

Artistic Director/ Artist Nønne Mai Svalholm @svalholm



SVALHOLM @svalholm @seeredflags



Kunsthal Aarhus @kunsthalaarhus @kunsthalaarhus_community


Collaboration partner

Danner @dannerdk



Idea & concept: Artistic Director/ Artist  Nønne Mai Svalholm @svalholm

Development and design: Artistic Director/ Artist/ Choreographer Nønne Mai Svalholm in collaboration with KASPERSOPHIE @kaspersophie_studio



Katinka Fogh Vindelev @akainka



Line Vaaben @livaaben


Text and resheach consultant

Ida Marie Hede Bertelsen @idamariehede



FORLAGET 28B @forlaget28b



Marie Dahl @mariedahlcph

Ludvig Duregård @ludvig_gd


Strategy/ Administration

Jens Christian Jensen @jenschristian64



Kirstine Marie Bauning @kirstinemarie246


Project assistants

Maja Munk Johansson @majamjohansson

Emma S. A. Blæsbjerg @emmasteenab


Graphics & communication

Ægte Agency @aegteagency



Idea & concept: Artistic Director/ Artist Nønne Mai Svalholm @svalholm @seeredflags

Photographer: Peter Ravnsborg @mumilab

Performer: Sisse Lunøe @sisselunoe



The Danish Arts Foundation @statenskunstfond 

Augustinus Fonden @augustinusfonden

Statens Værksteder for Kunst @statensvaerksteder