Founded by choreographer Nønne Mai Svalholm, SVALHOLM explores the sculptural dimension of bodily movement and the performative dimension of sculptural elements.

The artistic vision is to examine existential questions and create a platform for new knowledge. 


Since 2015 SVALHOLM has been working with a dogma: staging the non-traditionally schooled body and people over the age of 60. Between 2015-2019 we created a trilogy of choreographic work inspired by the theme “Rethink Ageing”, where senior citizens take center stage. The trilogy is comprised by CIRCUIT (2016), ULTIMA (2017) and GRAVITY (2019).


“The older body is a symbol of experience, transformation, life and death – a travelling trope to be found all over the word. In my manipulation of the body, objects and symbols, I am opening up for reinterpretations of the subject, the object, human life and the world we are part of”.  Nønne Mai Svalholm.


We have created several thematic works inspired by contemporary society:
2009 - 2013: The Danish Muhammed-crisis, The Middle East and North Africa. 
2014 - 2015: Gender & Sexuality
2015 - 2020: Rethink Ageing


SVALHOLM create and produce chorographical works from our base at Godsbanen (the old Train Factory) in the city centre of Aarhus and is co-produced by Godsbanen and Bora Bora - Dance and Visual Theatre, Aarhus.




Programme planner, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
Dramaturg and Project Manager
Head of Members & Relations, Danish Food Cluster

Advisory board

Trine Rytter Andersen
Artist, art writer and curator
Tine Fristrup
Lektor, ph.d. DPU, Aarhus Universitet