a process of creation

Premiere date is 1. of September 2020 at Godsbanen, Åbne Scene

Performance dates 1. - 6. of September 


The title comes from Latin: prīmus adj., first, foremost


PRIMUS is the first work of a new trilogy entitled BIG BANG, centered around the concept of creation, both artistic and biological. 


PRIMUS is a duet between two women of different ages – one covered and one naked – a choreographer and a performer. In this work the audience encounter a vast array of experimental shapes, where the tactile, the light and the imagination play a vital role. PRIMUS takes place in the intersection between the sculptural in contemporary art and the performative and the sensory in performing arts.


PRIMUS is performed by performer Sisse Lunøe and choreographer Nønne Mai Svalholm.


In collaboration with visual artist Signe Klejs, we have created a lighting design which consists of the light from the morning's sunrise in a constantly changing light design, which transforms the stage into fluctuating colour combinations. This emphasizes the title and  that each day holds a unique potential. 


The performance PRIMUS is further unfolded via 3 video works Blue, Purple and Pink which challenge the audience's perception of  the physical performance's temporal dimension: its beginning, middle and end. Blue will premiere 13th of August on ARoS Aarhus Art Museum's Instagram @arosartmuseum. Blue, Purple and Pink are exhibited together at the Women's Museum in Aarhus from August 2020 to November 2020.


Part of PRIMUS was developed during a residency in ARoS Atelier in October, 2019 and in a residency at Turnéteatret in Trondelag, Norway.

The Artistic Team: Artistic Director/ Choreographer: Nønne Mai Svalholm, Dancers: Sisse Lunøe and Nønne Mai Svalholm, Scenography and light design: Visual Artist Signe Klejs and Nønne Mai Svalholm, Composer: Olga Szymula, Artistic concultant Niels Rønsholdt, Dramaturge and Creative Producer: Carlos Calvo, Dramaturge Assistant: Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, Sconography and light design: Visual Artist Signe Klejs and Nønne Mai Svalholm, light design consultant: Jon Skulberg, Filmmaker and Photography: Michael Dinesen, Photographer: Peter Ravnsborg. This picture was taken at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum.


With support from The Danish Arts Foundation, Kulturudviklingspuljen, Aarhus Kommune og Wilhelm Demant Fonden, og Initiativpuljen, Aarhus Kommune.

Curated and co-produced by Åbne Scene, Godsbanen after open call.