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Circles & Swing!
Circles and Swing!








Premiere on Circles & Swing! (site-specific version) 8.- 9. June at Dansekapllet in Copenhagen


A large mirror ball hangs lifelessly from the ceiling by a long wire, dangerously close to the floor. When a single beam of light hits the mirror ball, the floor, ceiling and walls are transformed into a starry sky where it floats like a lonely planet in the universe. Young and old dancers circulate around the sphere, while their fleeting movements and the old factory building are reflected in the surfaces of the mirrors.

Slowly, the mirror ball changes character from being the center of the ritual and meditative walk to speeding through the air like a dangerous and potentially deadly projectile. The mirror ball, just like Foucault's pendulum, shows the passage of time, the rotation of the earth, and puts the value of time and life into perspective. Circles & Swings! is based on a concept of rotations, circles, spirals and swings where change emerges.


Artistic Director and Choreographer Nønne Mai Svalholm works conceptually and multidisciplinary with choreography, dance, light design, sculpture and installation art. Her work is highly visual and it takes place in a landscape of pleasure, pain and the uncanny. Morphing through a constant of what has been, what is, and what will be - bodies, objects and light becomes symbols of transformation, time, life and death. 


Nønne Mai Svalholm explores the artistic encounter across generations in Circles & Swing! which is performed by young professional dancers and SVALHOLM´s 60+ dancers. Circles & Swings! is created to be performed in darkness a black box and site-specific in daylight. The performance has a duration of 40 minutes, which makes it ideal as a double bill.


Circles & Swing! (black box version) premiered 17th of November 2022 at Rosendal Teater in Trondheim Norway co-produced by Choreographic Center DansiT in Norway and Rosendal Teater and with support from The Danish Arts Foundation.


Artistic Director and Choreographer: Nønne Mai Svalholm

Dancers: Anna Thu Schmidt, Ar Utke Acs, Paolo de Venecia Gile, Sisse Lunøe, Torben Axel Hartmann, Marian Kudahl, Birgitte Müller Larsen, Lissi Kok, Bertha Rising, Jette Rohde, Bodil Vind, Annelise Sejer Pedersen.

Scenography and light design: Nønne Mai Svalholm 

Composer: Morgan Hickinbotham

Consultants on the performance: Choreographer and dancer Mette Ingvartsen and Artist Ed Atkins 

Consultant on lighting design and scenography Christina Augustesen 

Consultant on scenography and costumes: KASPERSOPHIE

Støttet af Statens Kunstfond, William Demant Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond og Godsbanen

Co-produceed by Choreografic Center DansiT and Rosendahl Teater in Norway


Circles and Swing!