BIG BANG - Collective Matter





COLLECTIVE MATTER is a common reflection across generations, a transition, an exchange and a co-creation. All the physical movement material is created via meditative practices that embrace the pre-articulated and the uncultivated voice. Collective Matter is the second work in the BIG BANG trilogy by Artistic Director and Choreographer Nønne Mai Svalholm/ SVALHOLM, which this time examines the themes of co-creation and community. COLLECTIVE MATTER is an interdisciplinary and site-specific work that adapts and transforms itself in the light of the places it is performed and the different artists involved. COLLECTIVE MATTER is the first work where Nønne Mai Svalholm has curated other choreographers to co-create with her and SVALHOLM's 60+ dancers. The choreographers behind these works have created the content on the basis of a long-term exchange - partly with a focus on their respective artistry, interests and methods, partly with a focus on the performers involved. COLLECTIVE MATTER was originally created for specific locations in Aarhus City Center in Aarhus Denmark and was co-produced by Aarhus Theater and Åbne Scene, Godsbanen in collaboration with Aarhus Festival. In 2023 COLLECTIVE MATTER has been developed for international touring and it now consists of two choreographic works: Passager (2021) by the duo two-women-machine-show and the new work Breath (2023) by Nønne Mai Svalholm. COLLECTIVE MATTER is staged both indoors and outdoors and can be experienced as a coherent event or as individual but still connected impacts. COLLECTIVE MATTER premieres at PASSAGE FESTIVAL 2023 and plays at Fira Tárrega Festival in Spain from 7 - 10 September 2023.


About Passages

Passages is a dive into the deeper layers of our shared memory and the potential that emerges when we unfiltered meet our inner visions and hallucinations. The work is a common reflection between generations, a transition, an exchange and a co-creation. Through daily meditative practices, the four performers have created individual solos. Together, these solos create a common choreographic composition that includes moments of abstraction as well as more recognizable situations. Voices and movement from subconscious layers point towards the unpredictable. Passages was was originally created for the COLLECTIVE MATTER in 2021, which was performed during Aarhus Festival.



Idea and choreography: two-women-machine-show

Artistic direction/production: Nønne Mai Svalholm/SVALHOLM

Performance and development: Marian Kudahl, Sisse Lunøe, Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg

Costumes: two-women-machine-show

Headpieces: Design duo KASPERSOPHIE for the work Of All Its Parts: From Darkness (2020) / Design and production by Rasa VilJewelry

Photographer: Peter Ravnsborg @mumilab


About Breath

At first the breathing is slow and calming, then commanding and finally out of control. Breath examines breath as a life-giving and transformative figure. Breath is performed by Nønne Mai Svalholm, her muse Sisse Lunøe and a large inflatable yellow-black sculpture, which they think of as the work's third dancer; with references to a lung, an ocean, a garden, a body, a gate. Nønne Mai Svalholm has created the sculpture in collaboration with multi-artist Henrik Vibskov.

She works conceptually and multidisciplinary with choreography, dance, light design, sculpture and installation art. She creates work for black boxes, white cubes and site-specific. Her work takes place in a landscape of pleasure, pain and the uncanny. Morphing through a constant of what has been, what is, and what will be, were bodies, objects and light becomes symbols of transformation, time, life and death. 



Concept, idea and choreography: Nønne Mai Svalholm/ SVALHOLM

Artistic direction/production: Nønne Mai Svalholm/ SVALHOLM

Performance and development: Sisse Lunøe and Nønne Mai Svalholm

Sculpture: Nønne Mai Svalholm and Henrik Vibskov

Consultant: Marie Dahl

Costumes: Nønne Mai Svalholm in collaboration with Marie Dahl and KASPERSOPHIE

Headpieces: Design duo KASPERSOPHIE for the work Of All Its Parts: From Darkness

(2020) / Design & production by Rasa VilJewelry with interpretation by Nønne Mai Svalholm

Residency: ARoS Aarhus Art Museum and BORA BORA Dance & Visual Theater

Photographer: Peter Ravnsborg @mumilab

Film: Fade to Grey

With support from The Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinus Fonden and Knud Højgaards Fond